Wrapped '22

Digital Meets

This year we've seen a race between the social media platforms in their huge investments into research and development towards artificial and augmented reality, with the results now beginning to show.

In 2018 40% Reported More Than 5% Of Their Digital Budgets Went To AI.

Now 52% In 2022.

Social Commerce
Pay To View

There's been a rise in the paid subscription format across several platforms, and many of them are also integrating new plugins to keep payments seamless.

Marketers vs consumers

There is a disconnect from Twitter between brands and consumers.


Major platforms are taking inspiration from their competitors by taking popular features or updates and applying them to their own application.

Only 50% of Facebook users use TikTok, while 83% of TikTok users actively use Facebook

Words Speak

Accessibility has been a big focus this year, with many platforms adding auto-generated captions, translations and alt text images. Audio rooms have also become a prominent way to experience content.

In 2022 Reels and Tiktok continue to add more auto captions to connect the world.

Less Social
More Media

Platforms are discovering new ways to improve content reach and engagement. Content is becoming more entertainment based and less about user communication.

Average time spent on social media by platform

TikTok beats YouTube for average watch time in 2022.

Longer Media
More To Say

With platforms increasing the length limit to their 'short' form content, character limits and providing more detailed video editing options, it's clear that long-media and creative power is on the rise.

Domain popularity in social media category

Tiktok was briefly number one, but overall YouTube takes the crown 👑

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